2v2 Mode Added

Dear backers,

By April 17th, we have raised about CA$37,036, and have unlocked 1 more stretch goal since our last update! 3 more stretch goals to go!

Unlocked New Event Card

  • #25 - Casting Call

Choose one of your Penguins on the board and place unused Eggs into up to X empty spaces adjacent to it. (X = your unused Penguins)

Team Mode (2v2)

There have been questions and requests since the beginning of this campaign, about if we are able to support more players. So for the past 5 days, we have been looking for other comparable games and been testing & balancing the game by ourselves. Now we are happy to announce that we will add a 2v2 game mode to support 4 players! :)

  • Play the game in teams of two players, who share the 4 Penguins and the 16 Eggs of the same colour.
  • Players of the same team sit across from each other (teams alternate turns).
  • For the same team, each player secretly chooses 1 card from the initial 4 silver cards as their starting hand and put the other 2 cards back to make the Event Card deck.
  • Beginning with the first player of the starting team, players will take turns in clockwise order. 
  • During the game, players cannot have more than 3 Event Cards in hand. 
  • On your turn, you can only play a card from your own hand and you cannot tell your teammate what cards you have.

That is everything for today's update. See you in next one! :)

Bluepiper Studio

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