We are offering one-stop service including product concept development, artwork design, sampling, certification, production, and shipment.

Our team specializes in:

graphic design, sculpting, 3D printing

mass-production adjustment

manufacturing and assembly

product sourcing

product safety testing

quality control

international freight forwarding

customs clearance

Bluepiper began in 2010. Our quality control is our top focus and we have developed a strong reputation for problem-free manufacturing by identifying and solving common issues in game production such as board warping and moisture.

Boasting over 8 years of experience, we are a Canadian company that acquired a toy factory and a game factory located in Dongguan, Shenzhen, China.

1) The toy factory is 5400 square feet in size and it has 80 full-time employees. The factory produces all kinds of toys such as PVC figure, Resin figure, action figure (Dressed), and garage kits since 2010. Starting this year we created a new assembling line just for miniatures in tabletop games with high quality, because we believe that is the future of board games.

2) The printing factory is 21000 square feet in size and it has 200 full-time employees. It produces boxes, cards, maps, and tokens for tabletop games. the factory has Germany Roland six-color printing machines, German Roland quarto single color printing machine, German Mitsubishi four-color printing machine and other facilities.


We Manufacture Various Types of toys Ranging from:

-Action figure

-Garage kits

-Pvc figure

-Pu figure


-Resin figure

-Dressed figure

Bluepiper Studio specializes in designing and manufacturing toys / figures for animation / games / film and television product fields. We work with talented industrial experts and have set up large-scale technical workshops in Dongguan, Guangdong province, to serve professional production demands.


We Manufacture Various Types of Games Ranging from:

– Standard Board Games

– Custom Board Games

– Round Board Games

– Vinyl Board Games

– Miniature War Game

– Standard Card Games

– Custom Card Games

– Trading Card Games

– Educational Flash Card Games

– Game Tins

– Game accessories

– Plastic miniatures

Our New Release Games in 2018:

ARCANA chessboard game

This is a chess based board game. Rumor says that this game is only used in the wizard world, is one of the wizard’s weekday entertainment. Want to be the wise men of this world? Now assemble all the characters, with friends and play!

RAKSHASA STREET miniature wargame

“Rakshasa Street” miniatures game is adapted from manga “Rakshasa Stret”. Containing 8 character miniatures and 5 different kinds of terrain, this game support 2 – 6 players at the same time and provides 2 different gaming experiences: “Competition” and “Cooperation”.

Animal Duels card game

Card game “Animal Duels” landed at, one of the Chinese crowd-funding platforms in 2015 and completed its goal in four minutes, which made the fastest completion record of Modian.

Game Accessories

Time Walker

Bluepiper created the brand “Time Walker” since 2010, we supply sports and gaming collectibles accessories such as photo and scrapbooking albums, card sleeves, game mats, card decks, and leather note books.

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