Mr Otter Limited Edition Art Toys: Travel Kit


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Mr. Otter is the protagonist of an ancient Chinese children's picture book. He is an adventurer and travels a lot. He is always on the road, traveling through the beautiful mountains and seas, and making fateful encounters.

When Mr. Otter is on the road, every day is a different adventure. Sometimes it can be as sweet as candied fruits; sometimes it can be as lonely as cooking in a forest alone; sometimes it can be as happy as making new friends at a tea house.

We have selected 3 moments from Mr. Otter's journey and made them into 3 sets of cute figurines.

After many rounds of sampling, as well as back and forth discussion with the factory, the final material solution will be PVC + ABS (resin), with which we can reproduce as many details as we can, and bring Mr. Otter's cuteness into the real world.




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